How to choose a good mold factory? Do not believe in low prices!
How to choose a good mold factory? Do not believe in low prices!

(1) Can not blindly, blindly believe that the low purchase price. Low prices are often hidden behind some of the traps that we do not know, such as too low prices of the factory shoddy, or cut corners. Because any mold factory is to pay rent to pay the workers to make profits.

(2) Should find a fully equipped mold factory. I was a purchase several years ago and i learned that lesson by only choose a cheap injection mold factory. Because i want low price then chose a small workshop-style injection mold factory, they do not even have CNC machines, other machinery and equipment are not complete either, only a few sets patchwork of old equipment.The later results is the mold is finished. But after a few more repairs, the mould can not mass production. My
engineering colleagues and me stay up later several nights to solve it.
Also, because of the failing development of this mold, I was deducted all the performance bonus that month, it really called a painful ah!

(3) Finally, we recommend you to choose the mold factory by consideration all the situation and characteristics of the factory. And then make a reasonable choice, you may achieve satisfaction Effect!

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