How to choose a good injection mold factory? large factory OR small factory?

How to choose a good injection mold factory? large factory OR small factory?

How to choose a good injection mold factory? large factory OR small factory?

1. Large scale, medium scale or small scale? Depending on the circumstances. Many people think that the larger the better, because the scale means that the ability, well-equipped!

2. In fact, you should choose injection mold factory that takes you seriously, choose the right factory with you. looking for suppliers like looking for lovers. If your business funds strength is not strong, the purchase is not large, blindly choose large-scale mold factory cooperation will do not good. Sometimes money is spend while people do not take you as one thing. At present a lot of large plastic injection mold factory are not responsible for their small order client, because in terms of order amount or order quantity you can not reach their requirements.

3. In this case most people will choose small and medium-sized plastic injection mold factory, after all, mold and product prices are relatively easy to accept, to the superior also have a confession, but soon you will find worrying things again, Can the mold be finished on time? What is the mass production of molds? What is the life of the mold?

4. At this point it is recommended that you must pay attention to a little basic knowledge, that is, we must choose the perfect equipment manufacturers. That must have a matching precision CNC machining center, walking wire cutting, EDM mirror spark machine, high-speed high-precision injection molding machine. Secondary measurement instruments and other important mold processing, production, testing of the necessary equipment. 

We must take this as the assessment and the final selection of the key. If there is no such equipment, it means that the mold manufacturing and production process in the plastic injeciton mold factory need to seek outward processing. 

5. There are three main negative consequences:

One is to increase the cost of your mold costs; The second is the mold factory in the process of outsourcing the repeated communication and coordination of the transfer of the workpiece takes time, will cost your time. The most terrible is the third point, the entire process of outward processing can not be timely monitoring.