How to choose appropriate plastic molding tool steel? simple explain for green hands!

How to choose appropriate plastic molding tool steel? simple explain for green hands!

(1) Related to the characteristics of the plastic material.                                                

 Such as in the production of PVC plastic will produce corrosive acid gases. Plastic Mold is easy to be rust if using ordinary steel, so it needs to choose the anti-corrosion steel, such as 2083, S136H, etc

(2) Related to the requirements of the plastic product.

There are some very highly transparent products, such as optical lenses, glasses lens, which needs the steel has excellent polishing properties, such as S136, if choosing wrong material, when the plastic mold polishing into a mirror finishing, you will find obvious plastic mold texture, which can’t be eliminated by polishing, and can’t meet the requirements of the plastic mold making products.

(3) Related to plastic mold life.

Even the same brand of steel, the price will be different, of course, the material quality with the high price will be better, if you don’t need high plastic mold life, you can choose the cheap steel.


3, The cost of the hot runner system.(If the plastic mold need the hot runner system)


4, The cost of the copper. (Copper production is mainly used for the production of electrodes and some parts which require rapid cooling)


5,The cost of slide and lifter.


6, The cost of machine processing

7, The cost of plastic mold design.


8, The management of the factory cost includes the necessary cost on this project which the labor of manager and other engineers follow-up services. The bigger factory in this area the cost is higher, the factory is smaller that the less cost.

The price of a set of plastic mold cost roughly determined by these factors. 

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