Why China plastic injection mold tooling is cheaper than USA?

Why China plastic injection mold tooling is cheaper than USA?

 Why China plastic injection mold tooling is cheaper than USA?

1. The labor cost! labor costs in China and many other Asian countries are much lower than United states and Europe. Even though in recent years in Chinese wages has increased significantly.

2. Steel- the material of injection mould tooling! In China, we can see a lot of quality steel suppliers for manufacturing molds. This is an advantage of China mold industry, resources are available and the costs are much more competitive.

When it comes to steel for molds, people might think of the problem: I want to H13 mould, but I gets P20 one from Chinese mould makers. Many manufacturers in China dislike such fraud, and they do not do such things. However, the most important thing is to choose good suppliers and know how to get your right injection moulds from China

3. Next, in China there are many injection system manufacturers such as YUDO, HASCO, INCOE, MOLDMASTER, HUSKY ... With the factories in China, obviously the product prices of these companies in China look better than in other countries. It is not that any country can get this advantage as China.

4. There are many mold making machines (CNC, EDM, Wiring…) made in China.

With so many factories and famous international manufacturers in China, China mould industry still has other advantages to offer better prices. However, when the requirements of the market are getting higher, Chinese mold manufacturers cannot just rely only on the price advantage, but also always improve the mould quality.

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