What is reasonable price for plastic injection mould?

What is reasonable price for plastic injection mould?

Depends on several factors, product size and complexity, size of the injection machine you are planning to use, cavities / No of Items you want to "inject" per cycle. To give you an idea you can consider the following costs:

-Mold Raw Material: Two blocks of steel to machine the product shape.

-CAD/CAM: Their have to create a 3D mirror image of the item to be machining into the raw material, plus the fixtures needed for the injection mold to work.

-Machining: For any complex shape you will need a 5 axis machining center, which can cost you around $80/hr to $120/hr.

-Finishing: This is the same idea as Machining, but is finer depending of the surface required, it will take more time t

-Quality Assurance: Mold manufacturers will have a coordinate machine to check dimensions and quality of the products.

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