How to reduce power cost of injection molding machine?

How to reduce power cost of injection molding machine?

In general, implementing best practices with your injection equipment can have a significant reduction in your plant’s energy consumption. Here are some tips to reduce your injection molding consumption.

Calculate life cycle costs for new machines, which can reduce product costs by 3 percent.

Optimize parameters and cycle times, making sure you are not using more force or time than you actually need.

Make sure the machine matches the product. Appropriately sized machines, equipped with the specific screw, do the most efficient job.

Reduce scrap levels, which cause unnecessary energy consumption.

Be vigilant about maintenance, especially on heat exchangers and cooling channels.

Plan and control the startup and shutdown sequence to reduce “idling” time.

As you can see by these tips, at the heart of an energy-efficient injection process is smart management, best practices and the commitment to invest in a sustainable future. Even implementing just a few of these ideas can make a big difference to increasing the energy efficiency in injection molding processes.

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