How to control die crack

1. Die poor follow-up processing of materials that can easily fracture
2. Heat treatment: quenching and tempering process improper deformation
3. Mold and insufficient ground plane, resulting in deflection
4. The design process: mold strong enough, blade pitch too close to the mold structure is irrational, mold plate simply was not enough non-plate pad feet
5. Mishandling of cut wire: Pull-line cut, the gap is incorrect, no angle to make clear
6. Punch the selection of equipment: punch tonnage blanking force is not enough, transfer mode too deeply under the
7. Off material will not ring true: no demagnetization treatment pre-production, no tip is expected retreat; the production of a Broken Needle spring break materials such as card
8. Blanking not ring true: when the seamless assembly of mold feces, or roll blocking feces, feces blocking pad feet

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