How to make injection mold with high qulaity?

How to make injection mold with high qulaity?

How to make injection mold with high qulaity?

       As we all know,it’s very important to make high quality in plastic injection mould.Some will think the big factory must have high quality,but i must to say,some factory may not so big,but also have good quality,because we are responsible,have more than ten years experience,we have a big team who are specilized in designing and making product.

we summed up the point for your reference:

1.mould design is a very important building house,foundation is the key.if the mould deaign is unreasonable,nomatter what the skilled you have,couldn’t make high quality plastic injection must pay attention to moud structure and tooling,

2.Choosing mould steel,there are many mould steel for choosing,such as H13, 718,NAK80,P20 and so on.General we use P20 to make mould.

3.Machining precision can be affect the life of plastic injection mould,parts of precision directly affect the whole we must control the quality of mould parts tooling.

4.Correct use and maintenance also will be enlarge the plastic injection mould life..

     We are not just say we have high quality,we will show we our ability to earn your trust,will not let you regret to choose us,because we are one of the best in plastic mould.we can make differenct kind of  plastic injection mould with high quality,if you are interested in making plastic injection mould,please contact with me.

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