How to distinguish the diference of PC and PP plastic materils?
How to distinguish the diference of PC and PP plastic materils?

The biggest advantage of PP plastic material is toughness, high temperature resistance, the following are the comparison of the two:
firstly,pls see pictures:


1, PP fall not bad, not bad, not afraid of boiling, in 120 degrees will not melt, will not be deformed, and will not react with other;
2, PC called the bullet proof glass is hard and transparent, but fragile, easily hydrolyzed in more than 80 degrees, the direct decomposition of bisphenol A in food or water, cause potential harm to human body, it has the advantages of high transparency, but the transparency of PP bottles can be comparable, but even more upscale color.
Two, PP products will be a protective film produced in the process of injection molding, the surface of PP round does not stick to any material, so the acid alkali, longer life, injection because of its remarkable characteristics, so it is widely used for cleaning machines, cleaning and other materials, PC and other corrosive substances with strong compatibility. There is a common ABS+PC, with ABS total capacity to it, the molecular weight is not stable, easy to be corroded by acid.

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