How about Mold Base Supplier?

Plastic Injection Mold Base Supplier

The development of standardized Plastic Injection mold base designs is considered a significant advance in the history of the plastics molding industry.A majority of mold makers in the U.S.use standard mold bases to reduce the time and expense of creating molds.Furthermore,mold maintenance is simplified through the availability of standard mold components that are replaceable at the molders facility.

It is noted that many mold makers do not use mold based for various reasons.Mold bases for very large parts,such as automobile body panels,may not be available as a standard product and so may require custom design and manufacture. Some mold makers believe that standard mold bases are inferior in quality,and strive to provide a better mold with higher quality or lower lifetime cost through the development of custom designs with proprietary components.At the other extreme,some mold makers can produce a simple but fully functional mold for less cost than just the standard mold base could be purchased in the United States.

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