How to control Mold Wall Temperature?

The analyses and designs for cooling system are adequate for most injection molding applications.However,there are some applications in which the use of conventional cooling designs in unacceptable.Normally,the development of a solidified skin occurs when the hot polymer melt contacts the cold injection mold wall.In some molding applications,the solidified skin may lead to premature freeze-off of the melt in the cavity,excessive birefringence in the molded part,or inadequate levels of gloss or surface replication.In other applications,mold wall temperature fluctuations across the surface of the plastic injection mold cavity may lead to a lack of dimensional control.As such,some molding applications involving lenses,airplane cockpit canopies,optical storage media,and fiber reinforced materials may seek to improve the quality of the moldings through dynamic control of the mold wall temperature.Several different strategies are next discussed.

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