How to control Insert Mold with wall Temperature
   Another example of insert molding is provided in Figure 13.7[53],which is particularly directed to the control and improvement of weld lines around an inserted component for the production of a water faucet handle.The mold design consist of two separable mold halves 30and 31 having recesses 32and 33 that together form a mold cavity. The inserted component 35 is held in position by two opposing pins 36. After mold closure and prior to mold filling, asubstabtially uniform cavity thickness exists between the inserted component 35 and the mold halves 30and 31.In this mold design, the mold wall temperture of the mold is locally controlled by the flow of a controlled fluid through channels 40 and 42.Different fluids such as water,oil,or steam can be provided to different portions of the mold at different temperatures.

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