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How to make injection mold with high qulaity?

How to make injection mold with high qulaity?       As we all know,it’s very important to make high quality in plastic injection mould.Some will think the big factory must have high quality,but i must to say,some factory may not so big,but also have good quality,because we are responsible,have more than ten years experience,we have a big team who are specilized in designing and making product.we summed up the point for your reference:1.mould design is a very important step.like building house,foundation is the key.if the mould deaign is unreasonable,nomatter what the skilled you have,couldn’t make high quality plastic injection mould.so must pay attention to moud structure and tooling,2.Choosing mould steel,there are many mould steel for choosing,such as H13, 718,NAK80,P20 and so on.General we use P20 to make mould.3.Machining precision can be affect the life of plastic injection mould,parts of precision directly affect the whole assembly.so we must control the quality of mould parts tooling.4.Correct use and maintenance also will be enlarge the plastic injection mould life..………     We are not just say we have high quality,we will show we our ability to earn your trust,will not let you regret to choose us,because we are one of the best in plastic mould.we can make differenct kind of  plastic injection mould with high quality,if you are interested in making plastic injection mould,please contact with me.Hello,i am Cherry,if you need any help,pls contact me via email:injectionmold2008@163.com  Whatsapp:+86 15112289056

The amount of control in plastic injection

 General ABS plastic injection molding machine note, the amount of each injection only 75% of the quantity standard injection. In order to improve the product mass and dimension stability, surface gloss, tonal uniform, the requirements for calibration injection quantity of injection of 50% is advisable.Hi I am Tea, my email is  injectionmold2006@163.com

What is the life expectancy of molds?

Mold life depends the most on the kind of tooling steel used, the precision of mold building and mold maintenance quality during production. Usually plastic injection molds can stand without a problem 250 thousand shots and die casting molds 70 thousand shots. The life expectancy can be lengthened or shortened by choosing appropriate for it kind of steel. Fareast Mold is always guarantying its molds life.Hi I am Tea, my email is  injectionmold2006@163.com

How to control die crack

1. Die poor follow-up processing of materials that can easily fracture2. Heat treatment: quenching and tempering process improper deformation3. Mold and insufficient ground plane, resulting in deflection4. The design process: mold strong enough, blade pitch too close to the mold structure is irrational, mold plate simply was not enough non-plate pad feet5. Mishandling of cut wire: Pull-line cut, the gap is incorrect, no angle to make clear6. Punch the selection of equipment: punch tonnage blanking force is not enough, transfer mode too deeply under the7. Off material will not ring true: no demagnetization treatment pre-production, no tip is expected retreat; the production of a Broken Needle spring break materials such as card8. Blanking not ring true: when the seamless assembly of mold feces, or roll blocking feces, feces blocking pad feetHi I am Tea, my email is  injectionmold2006@163.com

How to solve common plastic mold problem?as marks

Sink mark visibility can be very subjective, and is often dependant on many factors such as lighting, surface texture and less tangible factors such as experience / expectation of the observer. Past research suggests that on textured surfaces sink mark depths of 0.040mm are generally not visible to the trained eye while sink marks deeper than 0.075 mm are evident even to the untrained eye. On high gloss surfaces sink marks less than 0.015 mm can be quite visible depending on light conditions.Hi I am Tea, my email is  injectionmold2006@163.com

How does your factory do regarding quality control?

Quality is priority. we always attach great importance to quality controlling from the very beginning to the very end.  Our factory      has gained Iso 9001 authentication.Hi I am Tea, my email is  injectionmold2006@163.com