Yunpeng -Plastic injection tooling machine

publisher: Tea
Time: 2017-09-20
Subsequent to tooling, injection molding is also a part of a product's foundation. Even with the right tools, the product or project can not be successful without a consistent injection molding process. A consistent molding process is not only associated with dimensions, appearance and functions, but is also the result of close attention to detail and well-maintained equipment. We have a great variety of mold injectors and equipment available for every client's project.
There are approximately 140 units of injection molding machines used in our injection way facilities, each component ranging in size between 20 tons and 650 tons. To ensure consistent production, Yunpeng plastic injection mould makes use of a systematic molding parameter setup process and residence time control to ensure a minimized variance from production samples. Yunpeng plastic injection mould also makes certain that we have the capability to control the quality!

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