Build quality plastic injection molds

publisher: Tea
Time: 2017-09-21
The process of successfully designing and manufacturing new injection molding tools starts with the design of the product, and the design of the injection mold. If an injection mold is correctly designed and all of the tolerances specified, as well as the materials, steel grades, hardness and surface finish requirements, then with that information the injection mold can be built anywhere.

Certain companies have experienced difficulties with China mold makers, because the most important criteria when placing a mold making order is cost. In order for a mold making company to quote 50% of the cost of its nearest competitor for the same injection mold, they have to cut their costs to below 50% of their competitors. This is normally reflected (or not) in surface finishes, material selection, material hardness, lack of precision grinding of mating surfaces, and lack of close tolerances in wall thickness on thin wall products.

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