Knowledges about maintenance of plastic mould

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Time: 2017-10-10

Knowledges about maintenance of plastic mould


The service life of the plastic mould is closely related to the correct maintenance. In order to ensure the normal production of the mould, reduce the breakdown and the quality problem, prolong the service life of the mould, we should do the maintenance of the plastic mould well.

We all know that maintenance of plastic mould is divided into first-class maintenance, secondary maintenance and three levels maintenance; here I would like to talk about these kinds of maintenance.

First-class: it refers to the maintenance within the production of plastic mold, including cleaning, fastening, and lubrication. It is completed by operator of plastic mold and injection molding production supervisor is responsible for supervision and inspection.

Secondary maintenance: it refers to after the production of a certain batch, maintain some parts that cannot be completed in the first-class, and it is carried out around the three aspects of cleaning, fastening and lubrication.

Three levels maintenance: it refers to after the production of a certain batch, according to the status of the mold to formulate a comprehensive maintenance plan.

Maintenance of plastic mould is very important, in addition, we also have to do the daily maintenance of mold parts well, because the effective maintenance can extend the life of the equipment for enterprises to create greater profits!

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