Chose the factory of injection mold making

publisher: Tea
Time: 2017-10-13
If your company has a injection mould need production, we should how to choose injection mold manufacturers? Generally we choose injection mold manufacturers will through the network and acquaintances is introduced to get. More time can only through the network method for mould factory, and then one in screening. Every company want to spend the least money to do good quality mould, you first and mould manufacturer instruct, to the mold manufacturer situation is not very understanding, below according to former experience briefly introduce how to choose a mold production manufacturer: first is to give yourself to do mould plastic product positioning, your product yield how to, the quality requirements and heart target price to wait.Mould injected manufacturing manufacturers generally divided into large, medium, small factory, if your product quantity is not very big, quality requirement is not high also, completes the mould is also not necessary, then choose a small point of injection mould manufacturing factory, so we can lower your costs; If plastic products production larger, quality requirement is high words, try to find a equipment is perfect and considerate service mould factory, so first of all, you can ensure the quality of the die, much less plastic mould in the subsequent production unnecessary trouble. There are a lot of company in the beginning see cheap just found a small mould factory, in the mold for the first time when a mold test the quality of the product is good also,But the subsequent mould to mass production, mould always such a such question, put a great amount of manpower material resources virtually increased cost, so calculate down than to spend some money do a good quality mould. If you now want to look for plastic mould

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