Injection molded parts

publisher: Tea
Time: 2017-10-26
Plastic injection molding have been always our focus besides mold manufacturing, we make molds for molding, it's quit an advantage that we are capable of plastic injection molding and mold making in-house, technical team of Aco mold work through mold design to final injection molding, years of experiences allow us to be able to give the most efficiency and economical solution. Our injection molding room equipped 12 sets of injection molding machines and runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. we proceeded and are familiar with raw materials PP, PC, ABS, POM, PMMA, PC+ABS, TPE, PA6, etc.

Yunpeng mold dedicated to offer most economical plastic parts needs for customers all over the world. no matter how small your business are, please feel free to come to us. we are prepared to amaze you.

For injection molded parts inquiry, following are something you might want to know:
  • You need to give us 2D/3D drawing, or a sample, or at least a draft drawing with base dimension, a simple part design done by us base on your concept would be free of charge, but a complex constructer design take more than a half working day would be charging on you.
  • You should let us know what's the resin the part made of, color of your part. a property specification would be best.
  • Demanded quantity, this would help us to use proper design and select proper steel, a key factor to influence the price.
  • We will have a refund policy if the volume reach certain amount.. it means the plastic mold could be free of charge.
  • You are encouraged to give us your target price.
  • if you need help, pls contact me, I am Tea, my email is
  • whatsapp+8615958816137

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