What is Standard runner sizes

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Time: 2017-11-20

When designing the feed system for cold runner molds,the mold designer should specify runner diameters that are machined with readily available cutting tools.The most commonly available sizes for tapered,square,and ball end mills are:1/32”,1/16”,3/32”,1/8”,3/16”,1/4”,5/16”,3/8”,7/16”,1/2”,2mm,3mm,4mm,4.5mm,5mm,6mm,8mm,10mm,and 12mm.To achieve the most easily produced cold runner design,it may be necessary to round the diameters to plastic injection mould standard sizes,and verify the performance of the design with analysis.However,if non-standard runner sizes provide for less material utilization and more balanced melt flow,then non-standard runner diameters can and should be specified.

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